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ECOpreneur's business model canvas

Upcycling Business V_0

Key Partners Key Activities Value Propositions Customer Relationship Customer Segments
1. Waste producer 2. Creative people 3. ECO certification agencies

1. Platform management (webpage) 2. Ideas evaluation 3. Material pick up and transportation (logistics) 4. Upcycling 5. Marketing of the finished products

Key Resources

1. Webpage 2. People to evaluate ideas 3. Transportation and warehounsing 4. Physical space and equipment for upcycling.

1. Avoid disposal cost, free pick up of the waste or even some extra money 2. % For sales, one time payment for the idea, recognition, moral satisfaction 3. Less expensive products, green, tax avoidance? % goes to charity

1. Self service (register in webpage, post material availability). 2. Contest for best ideas. As many ideas as posible, rewards. 3. Discount per volume purshased.


1. Material inventory (webpage) 2. Platform to post ideas (webpage) 3. E-shop (webpage)

1. Industries, cities, 3rd parties wanting to get rid of waste. 2. Creative people that wants to earn some bucks while make something good for the plannet 3. People that want to buy upcycled products

Cost Structure Revenue Streams
Mainly due to the upcycling

sales of finished product

PDF export

business idea description